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Viceroy Coins place Una and the Lion on the market

Una and the Lion, the highest graded 1839, 5 Pounds has finally become available to canny investors. This rare and sought after coin with an NGC Proof 64 Cameo is so rare that is been locked away for some time. Now the specialist rare coin company, Viceroy Coins is finally making it available to buy.

Coin collectors all over the world have shown interest in obtaining this special coin, not only for the kudos of owning this prime specimen but for the incredible increase in value it holds.

Experienced rare coin collectors will know that no other 5 pound/5 Guinea has shown such demand, especially over the last year and now Viceroy Coins are seeing an incredible demand from the public to obtain this prize.

Viceroy Coins CEO, Jordan Lott broke the world record in 2014 when he purchased a rare royal coin bearing the head of Edward for a record £516,000, the highest sum ever paid for a British coin.

Now on the releasing one of his company’s other rare coin’s the stunning ‘Una and the Lion’ for sale, Jordan said, ‘’In recent years we have seen a huge growth in the popularity of the Una and the Lion 5 Pounds with prices increasing from £40,000 in early 2014 to the World record breaking auction price of £504,000 for a complete set in late 2015.

This would value the individual 5 pounds at over £350,000, and already we are experiencing a big demand for this rare coin just within 24 hours of us placing it on the market. So whoever the lucky purchaser eventually is, they will certainly have something very special as well as secure a very sound investment.’’

This solid gold £ 5 coin released to mark the ascension to the throne of the young Queen Victoria called the “UNA AND THE LION|” is not only one of the most beautiful coins every designed by master engraver William Wyon, but also one of the most sought after.

The famous fairy tale of the young Una and her story of vanquishing the ‘Dragon’ with the help of a knight call George with his red cross on his armour, who came to be the symbol of England is depicted on the reverse of the coin with Victoria and a lion, cross and sceptre.

Though a very rare coin, with a mintage of just 400, there are a number of varieties of ‘Una and the Lion’ 5 pounds; indeed, Wilson and Rasmussen identify a total of nine different varieties.

Between the two reputable grading companies, NGC and PCGS, there have been a total of 60 examples certified in all grades. Without making a distinction between services or cameo designations, the breakdown by grade is as follows:

PR60: 1 PR61: 3 PR62: 18 PR63: 32 PR64: 6*

*There are no examples graded higher than PR64. What this shows is just how rare the PR64 grade is for this large gold masterpiece, with only the top 10% of the graded population being 64’s.

Now Viceroy Coins are finally allowing shrewd investors to obtain this rare coin.

The Viceroy Coin Company who specialise in rare coins of the empires say that this coin will only be available to buy for a short period of time, and all serious collectors and buyers should contact the company directly first.

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