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Frequently Asked Questions

What coins should I buy?

Always buy the best available. By this we mean, buy the greatest rarities of the most important coin series and in the best possible condition.

What are the benefits of building a collection as compared to buying individual coins?

When resold, collections of coins have historically higher prices than the sum of individual pieces.

How many coins would make up a collection?

It depends upon the size and scope of your collection. It can be as small as a just a few or as large as thousands.

Will there ever be a time that rare gold coins are only worth their bullion content?

Can you imagine the great art treasures in museums such as Michelangelo’s David or the Mona Lisa being worth just their raw material content? Wars have been fought throughout history over safeguarding great art treasures and the notion that somehow an economic scenario could cause people to part with these treasures for raw material value or, nearly nothing, is not realistic. It is actually just the opposite. In times of great economic uncertainty, people move rapidly to buy great treasures as a storehouse of value and safety.

How can I get spending money with rare gold and silver coins?

Tax law allows you to trade your rare coins for bullion gold or silver, without any tax consequences for the trade itself. Of course we are all required to report as income any profit, although this does not start until you actually sell your bullion.

If you don't have a particular coin I would like, can you find virtually whatever I would like to own?

We wish we could offer this service on a continual basis but many of the great rarities are just simply not for sale at any price. However, we have such a wide range of worldwide contacts, we frequently succeed. It is due to the fact that supply is very small and the demand has always been strong. Even in the great depression when cash was king, rare gold and silver coins went up in value. It is the only asset class to rise during the depression.

What will happen in high inflation or hyper inflation?

In every period of high inflation that we have ever experienced, rare coins rose faster than anything else including bullion. In all of these scenarios, rare coins have proven to be an exceptional investment.

I will keep my collection in a safe place, how do I present them?

We are happy to provide you photos if you want. Added to this, we send all our clients a Filofax style folder with insert plastic pages which will contain high resolution images of your coins with their details on the rear.

Can I clean my coins?

You should never do this as it could severely reduce their value.

If I have ruined a coin, what can I do now?

Let us examine them and we will give you our best advice.

Should I think of also going to auctions to buy coins?

Auctions can be a good place to buy if you are a knowledgeable collector as there are millions of gold and silver coins sold at auction annually. Nonetheless, buying at auctions can be more expensive than our personalised service.

How do I know my coins are genuine?

All coins sold by us are guaranteed authentic by either of the two world famous coin authentication companies, PCGS and NGC. They are sent to you encapsulated in sealed protective holders as provided by these two highly specialised companies.

How do I sell my coins?

Just call or write or email us and we will sell them for you.

How do I photograph the coins I wish to send to you for evaluation?

Any decent camera or camera-phone should be sufficient with reasonable lighting.

How have coins appreciated in value over the years?

The best rarities of the most important coin series in the best possible condition have appreciated at a substantial and steady rate for many decades.

I have been collecting various types of coins at random is there a way of swapping some of them so that I could just collect a particular series?

It is our speciality to help you with a consolidation plan to improve the quality of your collection and we would be delighted to discuss this with you.

For the coins gold and silver I have for sale should I send them first to PCGS or NCG?

Usually that is the best plan but contact us first to decide on this point.

Which of these two companies is the best?

They are both excellent and highly regarded and offer comparable services.

How much is the grading fee?

As little as $25 US dollars to as much as 1% of the value of the coin over $100,000.

How do I find out how much my coins are worth?

Just call or email us at Viceroy Coins and we will tell you for free at any time.

How do I pay for my coins with security?

You may pay by cheque or bank transfer.

How will my coins be delivered?

All coins are shipped fully insured to you by a major specialist international delivery company.

Where should I keep my coins?

In a secure vault or bank box.

How do I organise insurance?

There are several very reputable insurers of rare coins. If you contact us we will assist you on this point.

What is the thing called a slab you have mentioned?

The coin is encapsulated in sealed protective holders as provided by PCGS and NGC. These holders contain the authentication references of the coin.

Can I open the slab to show my friends the coin itself?

No, the coin is easily visible inside the protective holder. If the slab is opened, the grading will become invalid as the coin might be slightly damaged or marked in some way.

Is there a cooling off period if I am dissatisfied with the coin?

Yes, 7 days. However, no one has ever lost money owning the best so you can always resell your coins at any time.