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Grading and Guarantees of Rare Coins

What separates coins from other collectibles markets is that of security.

Only collector coins offer the security of two independent certification companies that will both authenticate and grade coins. Since the grade of a coin is crucial to its value, the peace of mind of independent grading has likely made rare gold and silver coin investing the world’s largest investment collectibles market. These two certification companies are PCGS and NGC.

While of course independent appraisers have existed for centuries that will authenticate your collectibles, no one has ever guaranteed their work. The best that you will recover from your inaccurate certification is the appraisal fee back. For instance, if you pay $5000 to have your $5 million Rembrandt authenticated and the one who authenticates it is wrong, you may get your $5000 refunded but not your $5 million. However if PCGS and NGC make a mistake and improperly authenticate your $5 million rare coin, they will actually refund your $5 million.

  • Guaranteed money back security
  • The grade of a coin is crucial to its value
  • In the entire world of collectibles, rare coins are unique
  • Rare coins are still considered legal tender


Great importance is given to determination of authenticity.

In the entire world of collectibles, rare gold and silver coins are unique. No other collectible is protected by its home country government like rare coins are. This is because rare coins are still considered legal tender by most countries and are illegal to copy.

Additionally, most countries maintain examples of the real known specimen in their mint museums. Therefore, when an item of great importance is examined for determination of authenticity,

Experts have to merely match it up with the known, genuine example in the mint museum. Since no such database exists for any other collectible, coin collecting alone offer the unique and ultimate guarantee of security.