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Viceroy Coins place Una and the Lion on the market

Una and the Lion, the highest graded 1839, 5 Pounds has finally become available to canny investors. This rare and sought after coin with

Viceroy Coins purchases Edward VIII coin for record-breaking amount

Jordon Lott from Viceroy Coins broke a world record with his £516,000 purchase for a royal Edward VIII gold rare coin. The highest sum

Coin Collecting – The Rare Coins

Rare coins have a huge history of desirability. As from the beginning of time people have enjoyed coin collecting. Collectors of all sorts have

William III 5 Guineas British Coin

Following the death of Queen Mary from smallpox in 1694, William continued to reign as William III, with his regnal years continuing to date

BREAKING NEWS – New World Record

The 1st million dollar British coin Nick Knowles and Jordan Lott tell the story…