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Viceroy Coins are specialists in rare gold coins and silver coins that originate from the great British, Spanish, French and Roman Empires.

Our Mission

At Viceroy Coins, our mission is to locate for you the very best of the best gold and silver coins that can be found anywhere. Coins have been made for thousands of years, and collecting them is both pleasurable and can be very profitable, because year after year the value of rare coins increases as they are seen as a safe haven of investment in both good and troubled economic times. With the recent Brexit vote in the UK, the economic situation is far from clear and there has been a sudden upsurge in buying rare gold and silver coins.

Panel of Experts

We have an international team of specialists to find these sought after rare gold and silver Empire coins, and our experts have provided our company’s clients with first class advice, resulting in a number of fascinating collections being put together and which are worth considerably more today. Needless to say, the condition of the individual coins is the most important aspect and only the higher grades are acquired for you, our discerning clients. All coins purchased by our group for you will have been authenticated and graded by one of the two international independent certification companies. They are completely independent and do not buy or sell coins themselves.

Our experts not only advise on what are the very best coins to collect and to invest in, but they also have the appropriate contacts to know where they can be found. Most private collectors would find this extremely difficult to do on their own. Above all, we specialise in creating coin collections as not only are they much more interesting for a collector, but they gain in value far more than individual coins on their own.

Specialists in rare gold coins

Viceroy are specialists in rare gold coins that originate from the great British, Spanish, French and Roman Empires.

Great Rarities

These great rarities can be bought at very reasonable prices because they belong to a market category that has never been highly organized. This is the market of the rarities from the great Empires of world history. We call this category Empire Investment Grade Coins or EIGC.

At one time, the best Empire coins were worth more than the best US rare coins but then the US market was modernized and highly developed causing huge increases in value. The best Empire coins are currently undergoing an uplift of their markets but there is still a significant difference in value between US and Empire rare coins. When the Empire market is fully developed, a great increase in value is likely to catch up to the US market. Nonetheless the value of Empire coins has never dropped.

Managing the Company

Jordan Lott is the CEO of Viceroy Coins and is responsible for dealing with Empire highly rare coins and collections in particular on a day to day basis. He and his team are available to discuss coins matters and help and advise in any way. Please do not hesitate to call us on +44 (0) 1428 727370 or email us on or, if you prefer, fill in the form on the contact page.

After leaving his native Australia, Jordan settled in Europe over 30 years ago and has concentrated purely on marketing projects ever since and became fascinated by the world of rare coins several years ago. Coin collecting was an early interest and rekindled with a chance visit to a coin auction in London, showing him the possibilities and the need for a specialist Ultra Rarity Coin trading company in Europe. Having specialised in real estate for many years and into collectables of the super-rich, Jordan discreetly serviced the buying wishes of discerning private clients for a number of years.

European Investment Grade Coin opportunities are spectacular, and with the backing of some of the most knowledgeable coin dealers in the world, Jordan has already established himself as a buyer and trader of the most spectacular coinage. Coin collecting and trading is now his passion.

He holds numerous world records for most expensive coins ever bought in Europe.

Viceroy Coins has some of the world’s most important experts on the subject and we continue to study avidly, to give you the most up to date, accurate information, to make your coin purchase with us seamless and enjoyable. Call us on +44 (0) 1428 727370 or email us on or if you prefer, fill in the form on the contact page.

Doug West

My name is Doug West and please let me introduce you to the wonderful diverse world of coin-collecting, either for pleasure and or investment potential, as we help you to build your own unique collection, whether it be the olde-english penny, the ubiquitous American Morgan silver dollar or the Spanish 8 Escudo to use but three examples. The variety of choices for the collector are simply vast, or for those of you interested in investment and the opportunity to become involved in the remarkable increases of value in the Rare Coin market today.

Personally, it’s also great fun!

Not a career choice for me initially, engineering was my first choice, or to be entirely truthful my Father’s choice, the opportunity to work within the Numismatic fraternity came to fruition eight years ago… initially through working in the gold bullion market where my interest was piqued during that period and I first took an interest in the gold coins that the general public were bringing in amongst their gold jewelry and other items.

I was fascinated…

In the ensuing eight years Numismatics has now become rather an obsession, from learning to recognize the differing types of coins produced from all the major industrial countries, to researching the methods used to produce these incredible works of art, to the skill of coin-grading and eye-appeal which can have the most dramatic effect on the value of the coin in question…the scope is endless and the subject matter incredibly diverse.

The majority of my time is spent in Europe, mostly attending coin conventions but also visiting coin collectors, antique shows and collectible fairs on what is best described as a treasure hunt, truthfully, I’m as happy finding a great condition American dime as coming across a beautiful English proof set …therein lies the fascination.