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Una and the Lion

Viceroy Coins are honoured to announce The 1839 “Una and the Lion” 5 Pounds, Proof 64 Cameo for public purchase. A rare large gold coin, a masterpiece for serious investors and collectors.

Reference VCN-3353158-003

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Sorry, Una and the Lion is SOLD

We are proud to offer the 1839 “Una and the Lion” 5 Pounds, Proof 64 Cameo for public purchase. A rare large and valuable gold coin, a masterpiece available for serious investors and collectors.

The “Una and the Lion” is one of the most beautiful British rare gold coins ever struck and no examples have been graded higher than our PR64, only 6 remain in the world.

This coin was designed by master-engraver William Wyon and is based on the famous fairy tale of the young Una and her story of vanquishing the Dragon with the help of the knight George, with the red cross on his armour that became the symbol of England.

On the reverse of the coin, Victoria is depicted with sceptre, lion and the St. George cross.


This rare gold coin is one of the most sought after in the 5 Guineas series, later called 5 Pounds.

Collectors want important coin series. What makes a series important?

Important Country

Great Britain and its colonies eventually evolved into the British Empire, the world’s largest in history. The famous saying, the sun never set on the British Empire, helps define the scale of global demand from collectors and investors.

Significant Purpose in Commerce

As the world’s largest coin made for commerce, the 5 Guineas and Pounds has great respect for its grandeur. After over 350 years it is still todaythe flagship denomination of Great Britain.


The 5 Guineas and Pounds is the world’s longest running large gold coin series.


These great coins are the ultimate forms of art made in gold.


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