VICEROY COINS is dedicated to the extremely labour intensive hunt for the best in trophy rare coins.

Whether you are a collector or looking for investment we will show you how you can achieve stunning returns buying the very best in rare coins.


European Investment Grade Coins are the trademark of Viceroy Coins. There is huge potential in buying these coins as the European coin market is experiencing a rapid growth in prices of major rarities. Short term of 18 months or medium 5 years both are very attractive.


Experienced collectors, are you looking for that one missing coin? Wishing to swap and or upgrade a particular coin in your set. Do you want to start a new collection and need direction and advice. Viceroy Coins are here to offer the help you need.


If you are new to coin collecting we can advise you on how, and more importantly what to buy to start a collection. We only trade in the best but you can start whatever your budget. Long term collecting or shorter term investment let our knowledge guide you.

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Viceroy will guide you through the whole process of buying with security and authenticating your coins. We have 40 years of experience behind us and our expert team will guide you on how to invest. We also buys individual coins and collections at best prices.

Viceroy Coins Breaks World Record

The Viceroy Coins Company has over forty years of experience in dealing in and collecting rare coins. Viceroy Coins is the proud owner of the 1852 Adelaide £5 coin for a world breaking 1.5 million Australian dollars or £820,000 pounds sterling and also another record price purchase of the Edward VIII Proof Sovereign bought for £516,000. Few other coin companies can make this boast and this is an illustration of both our company and our resources.
  • We are delighted to arrange a private meeting with you.
  • Viceroy Coins specialise in highly rare coins..
  • We deal with rare coins from as little as €2,000 to €5 million
  • All coins purchased by us for you have Certificates of Authenticity
  • Viceroy Coins is dedicated to the hunt for the finest in special rare coins.
  • The highest quality is frequently not easy to find as there are few sellers and many buyers.
  • Viceroy are we dedicated to obtaining the best deals for clients.
  • All of our coins have been graded with provenance guaranteed.
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Viceroy Coins Proudly Places Una & The Lion Rare Coin on the Market

Viceroy Coins are honoured to announce The 1839 ‘Una and the Lion’ 5 Pounds – Proof 64 Cameo for public purchase.

In recent years we have seen a huge growth in the popularity of the Una and the Lion 5 Pounds with prices increasing from £40,000 early 2014 to the World record breaking auction price of £504,000 for a complete set in late 2015.
This would value the individual 5 pounds at over £350,000.

Our Mission is our Passion

Viceroy acquisitions feature in British National Press

1852 Adelaide £5 coin
1852 Adelaide £5 coin Another Viceroy Record
Viceroy Coins is the proud owner of the 1852 Adelaide £5 coin for a world breaking £820,000
Daily Mail Reports
Daily Mail Reports
A record £516,000 for royal Edward VIII coin purchased by Viceroy’s CEO for a record £516,000, the highest sum ever paid for a British coin. It is one of only two ‘proof’ gold coins that were struck ahead of the production of commemorative sovereign coins to mark the king’s coronation in 1937.
But in December 1936 Edward abdicated in order to marry US divorcee Wallis Simpson, before the sovereigns were made, making the coins redundant.
Mr Lott said; ”I would have bid another 50 per cent to secure the coin, it’s the greatest and most famous British coin of all.”

Auctioneer Ian Goldbart (left) with Viceroy CEO Jordan Lott (right)
Auctioneer Ian Goldbart (left) with Viceroy CEO Jordan Lott (right)CEO
”I was the first to place a bid and I was determined to be the last.” Jordan Lott.

We Are Here To Serve You

Viceroy Coins is dedicated to the extremely labour intensive and complicated hunt for the best in rare coins. This has been proven throughout history to be the most successful investment strategy. However the best is frequently not easy to find as there are few sellers and many buyers. What is a buyer to do then? As a result, most buyers settle for second best and even worse, they may not realize that they purchased second best.

But Viceroy does not stop here as not only are we dedicated to locating the best examples, but also to finding the best possible deals. All coins purchased by our group for you will have been authenticated and graded by one of the two international independent certification companies. They are completely independent and do not buy or sell coins themselves.

At Viceroy Coins, you can talk to us by telephone, via email or letter and, where necessary, we are delighted to arrange a private meeting with you, almost anywhere in the world. Also, our team of experts attends every important coin convention in the world. All our coins are kept in highly secure depositories, not in our office.

In terms of price, we hunt for coins from as little as £2,000 to £5 million. The skill level of our team is legendary at all levels of this very wide range. We cater to the needs of investors and collectors, from beginner to serious.

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